No real information was provided and the flight was delayed by one hour at a time. Gave us pillows, blankets, headphones, slippers, socks, ear plugs, an eye mask, and toothbrush and toothpaste. ", Pros: "- Service was good and timely - Food selection was sufficient" We landed 40 mins earlier than expected, the captain really sped the whole way and I didn't feel a thing!! The crew said it will interfiere with the process of reaching the 36,000 feet, "altura de crucero". I understand the flight is under 3 hours so certain foods aren't available but Delta you upgraded everything else. Not even peanuts or cookies. Cons: "We paid to have our seats upgraded, only to find out at check in my husband and I had been assigned different seats and not seated together. Food wasn't that good. This had happened to the flight before us too. Cons: "Nothing to knock down", Pros: "The service was amazing, always offering food, drinks, and other comforts. ", Cons: "You need to pay to the headphones", Pros: "Muy atentos el personal, rápido proceso de check in bordin pass el avión el vuelo, la puntualidad. They gave me seat in the back of the plane. Cons: "On this Delta flight operated by Virgin Atlantic one of us was unable to check in or change our seats. I travel a lot. AS THY CLAIM TO BE!! Delicious food. Will definitely avoid TAP in future. The flight attendants were attentive to our needs; even reassuring us to not worry about the turbulence (which was A LOT). Lights were on almost all night in cabiaudio and video were subpar or nonexistent. Not comfortable at all. No entertainment at all. Kids were tired and hungry. we could not use the headphones either for a very long time after taking off. She talked and dealt with people as if they were an incredible annoyance on her life. ", Pros: "Almost everything was perfect except.....look my other coment" Boarding staff did not notify by loud speaker of boarding beginning in Miami. Not a problem for me but was never offered bread and when asked for tea during service it seemed like I was putting him out. Cons: "DAMAGED MY LUGGAGE EXTENSIVELY, THIS IS THE THIRD TIME BY THE WAY), KEEPS REFERRING ME TO AN INSURANCE CO WITH AN E MAIL ADDRESS THAT DOES NOT RESPOND, NO TELEPHONE NUMBER BY THE WAY IS FURNISHED EVEN THOUGH I HAD ASKED FOR, REPEATEDLY. Morocco • Marrakech-Safi • Flights to Marrakech • Flights from Miami to Marrakech Flights from Miami to Marrakech, current page This Weekend's Flight Deals to Marrakech. Cons: "Paying extra for business class so you can sleep just isn't worth it with TAP. What is the cheapest flight to Morocco from Miami? Cons: "Everything was perfect", Pros: "There was a terrible weather in Miami, also the traffic was heavier than normal. Three were found two days later. ", Pros: "Seats were comfortable, pleasant staff, good ent. I got my special meal. Cons: "Miami airport is dirty and the food options past security are abysmal. Flights from Miami to Tangier via Casablanca, Al Hoceima Ave. ", Pros: "THE CREW WAS VERY SYMPATHETIC AND HELPFUL" What are the cheapest Flights from Miami to Morocco? They need to make sure all chairs a fixed and now obstructing passengers comfortable manner", Cons: "You can't reach them via phone and they are horrifically slow and difficult to get ahold of. Very disappointing", Pros: "Good friendly staff. Lost wallet on plane and customer service was unhelpful. ", Cons: "Flight was late and made me miss the connecting flight", Cons: "Crew was very sour faced, impolite and rude the whole time. Cons: "Nothing bad to say", Pros: "Everything." Seat was so slim, every time we touched our tv or pocket, the passenger in the front seat was upset. A few more reasons why we'll never fly delta again", Pros: "The crew were wonderful, efficient, and professional." THEY ARE RUDE, UNCARING, SHODDY SERVICE PEOPLE..", Pros: "I really enjoyed the service and in flight entertainment." THEY CHARGE US$ 4 EACH OLD EARPHONES FOR MUSIC AND MOVIES 3. Cons: "Uncomfortable, tight seating. I booked this flight months ago, but yet somehow I got the very last row of the plan. That's the highlight. KAYAK is a travel search engine. Also JustFlly wasn't able to actually assign the seats I had chosen was a real turn off. Search and compare cheap flights to Morocco. Stay informed and receive email updates for when travel restrictions ease for Morocco. ", Pros: "All good" AFTER I PROTESTED, A TURKISH LADY SUPERVISOR SMIRKINGLY SAID THAT I HAD TO WAIT IN LINE SINCE THERE IS ONLY ONE PERSON SERVICING! There was wifi but not free, it was so slow I couldn't download the entertainment app, so I gave up and slept. The cheapest month to fly to Morocco is February. They also didn't allow me to take my medicine out before it was checked. How does an airline not put a tag on a bag and give a bagage tag to a customer. The captains explained the turbulence BEFORE it happened. Discover cheap flights from Morocco to Miami with TAP Air Portugal. FA were nice and friendly. They had wonderful customer service." ", Pros: "Comfortable chairs with foot support., friendly staff, good food and choice of entertainment. Cons: "Video in business was worse than my economy experiences 20 years ago!!!! With frequent flights from London Heathrow (LHR) to Miami International (MIA), you can pick a day that suits your travel plans and take it from there. They way I was asked to move was as if I was a disturbance , as if I sat next to the pilot of the plane wasn't even offered an apology or asked kindly. 26 °C Tuesday 24/11/2020. We had executive tickets in business class. The flight crew were among the most accommodating I’ve experienced." Cheapest and average prices are based on aggregated data from the past 12 months. People boarded whenever they felt like it, many carrying on huge backpacks and multiple other pieces. They couldn't print the boarding pass for the connecting flight, no water, no coffee, dirty plane, my baggage arrived destroyed (open in half), they promised to ship it the day after and it was a lie. This was wonderfull.Very good food, exelent. Best airline", Cons: "The boarding process was a nightmare! Cons: "I didn't like that on a 3:30 hour delay the passengers did not get information about the delay. The plane was clean and comfortable, and on this leg of our trip the entertainment system actually worked!" Morocco is a big place, and has lots of great sights for you to explore, let us help you to narrow down your options on where to go. No snacks between dinner and breakfast. The airplane was clean, entertainment good, and even the two meals were decent. ", Cons: "Only food available was pretzels. A monkey? ", Cons: "All processed food. You can fly to Miami at any time of year with British Airways. ", Pros: "Upgraded to first class so had more room, nicer seats. Cons: "Cabin crew not very friendly. -UNLIKE THY STALE, FROZEN FOOD. Flights to Morocco. GO FIGURE!. little time between the two flights compared to the functionality of the airport. ", Pros: "The flight on time. Entertainment center is comprehensive", Pros: "Lots of in flight entertainment options. Cons: "Plane departed early effectively leaving my luggage and vacation. The cheapest flight booked recently is on Multiple Airlines for just $486, but on average you can expect to pay $518. With over 2 billion flight queries processed yearly, we are able to display a variety of prices and options on flights to Morocco. ", Cons: "Theo charge me a lot for my luggages I just try to call many times to tap for ask about the sports luggages and I never can reach then nobody ever answer the fone . We were 5 minutes late to the gate--after being told in Miami they would hold the plane for us. Cons: "Boarding slightly convoluted but ok", Pros: "Service was good and the food was better than average." ", Pros: "I am not one who enjoys flying. Annual passenger flight traffic grew to 7.5 million in 2013, and the airport continues to see marked growth. ", Pros: "Upgraded to business class no problem. Flight was on time and got to New York 20 mins before time", Pros: "It was on time" There was plenty of room on the plane. ", Pros: "Pretty much nothing" ", Pros: "I got home. And after going on a cruise with one Carry on and everything Lost they don't even give us an allowance or a normal kit for toiletries and no one answers our questions. Totally unexceptable", Pros: "The punctuality" Thank you Air Europa" Cons: "We were almost two hours late. Very upsetting" Had to attempt to cram in sideways - resulting in serious pain by the time the flight finally landed. ", Pros: "Efficient boarding and unloading. They called my name at the gate and told me I had to pay for it. Flights to Morocco Even the word Morocco has an allure to it, conjuring up images of crowded souks, silver teapots with long spouts, low couches surrounded by rich draperies, and other images from old movies. Cons: "timming of the flight", Pros: "Cheking was easy. ", Pros: "Entertainment" Liked that they didn't charge for middle seat towards the front. I am not even 6 feet tall and had this issue. Was able to stretch legs. Search and compare airfare from 1000+ airlines and travel sites to get the cheapest flights from Miami to Morocco with momondo. But what I paid for the ticket, I'm not going to complain. Cons: "See above", Pros: "Service, food, travel exoerience" The distance is 4337 miles. Atlanta, GA - Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Intl Airport is the most popular connection for one stop flights between Miami, FL and Marrakech; Show more. Cons: "Small plane , last minute seat change, half hour delay", Pros: "short flight not much to say all was smooth crew was efficent" ", Pros: "Excellent service , good food . We eventually all got on and ended up at the same place, it was just chaotic. Cons: "Tap would not roll us over for the next day. The person there said we were in the wrong airport! ", Cons: "The airplane was super uncomfortable and it was a long flight. When we boarded and realized the plane was half empty we shrugged our shoulders. After a few hours we got some blankets. Movies were all old. ", Pros: "Good service, nice plane, comfortable" Flights to Morocco. Flying in the targeted month can save you up to 39%. The whole thing was absurd. This route is operated by 1 airline(s), and the departure time is 22:35. And the angle lay flat seats are certainly fantastic in comparison to Coach seats, but still hard to sleep and get comfortable. If your preferred travel dates have some wiggle room, flexible dates will show you all the options when flying to Morocco up to 3 days before/after your preferred dates. ", Cons: "Los asientos centrales son algo incomodos para un vuelo tan largo", Pros: "Left on time, arrived early, and the price is good." Not even to say, he didn't couldn't help me. Cons: "Everything is an added charge. 26 °C Saturday 28/11/2020. ", Pros: "Food was excellent, and the cabin crew extremely nice and attentive. Airlines flying from Miami to Morocco have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travelers. ", Pros: "Cabin crew were great. Snacks were horrible and I have a delta card and was charged $29 to get in plus a charge for my extra suitcase. However, non-stop flights are scheduled only to Casablanca . Backed up once into New York. The price shown for each flight will be the average for all passengers including any infants. ", Pros: "Nothing" Yes, there are multiple flights from Miami to Morocco for under $500. Cons: "Seats were too narrow,very little leg room,poor choices in entertainment", Cons: "I got food poisoning from the dinner that was served. Cons: "Boarding process at MIA was disorganized. See other deals we thought you might like, or search below to compare prices on this trip. After I booked another ticket for return.. Search Morocco flights on KAYAK. The crew was very helpful though", Pros: "The crew was fantastic." Cons: "The food is not very good, the attention is not very good, the luggage arrived late, it just wasn't like other times I have travel with you. 26 °C Monday 23/11/2020. Won't fly again if I have the choice. Seats were way too packed", Pros: "was a direct flight" For me, it’s a matter of legroom. For more information, please view our post on what to know about COVID-19 (coronavirus) and travel. They need to install USB outlets like everybody else. ", Pros: "I book this flight 1 hour before take off because TAP Portugal screw me over and didn't want to put me on the next flight since I missed my first one because of a delay due to the storm in another airport. ", Pros: "Crew was nice" I've been an Iberia's customer for many years. -HAD TO WAIT TO PAY FOR BUSINESS UPGRADE SINCE THERE WAS ONLY ONE PERSON TRYING TO COLLECT OVERWEIGHT LUGGAGE PAYMENTS AS WELL AS UPGRADE PAYMENTS, WHILE KEEPING ME IN LINE FOR 45 MINUTES FOR A BIZ CLASS UPGRADE. BAD BREAKFAST, NO AMPLE CHESE SELECTION (ONE SLICE WHITE CHESE ONLY), OVER COOKED BAD BURNED TASTING TEA. Cons: "Seat 1F gets hit quite often during service", Cons: "why do they sell their tickets when they know they can not make the connection? Please! Cons: "No dislikes on my flight", Cons: "No wheel chair in Madrid as REQUESTED", Cons: "I had to pay for a sandwich and a drink. Cons: "They allowed us to check a bag, without telling us that it definitely would not make it to our next stop on time. They brushed off my questions with one word answers and then it turned out that we were 10 minutes late arriving and I missed my connection. Check in luggage charges destroyed the experience, this was not disclosed on the ticket itinerary" The plane. The crew is always nice and attentive! Cons: "Took off late because the bus to transport flight attendants were late. Cons: "Theo lost my luggage the plane was full of dust", Cons: "I didnt like the fact that the chairs are so close together. We expect kayak to refund this. ", Pros: "Staff was pleasant, nothing special" Cons: "Food was mediocre and cold except for the major hot dish. This is an ongoing problem on most airlines. Very nice and helpful attendants. Delta Studios is neat." Search flight deals from various travel partners with one click at Find cheap tickets to anywhere in Morocco from Miami. Cons: "Seats in economy were uncomfortable. Terrible experience", Pros: "Nice, new, spacious aircraft!" To much delay to answer phine calls. Every other phase was excellent", Pros: "I got to where I was going." Food was actually better than the major carriers." Cons: "Boarding took a long time but we ended up getting to Madrid early so it worked out well. Cons: "Boarding was approximately 40 minutes late. Cons: "One flight attendant pissed me off when I asked for more drinks n she ignored my request n walked away", Pros: "Very low ticket price; new plane very quiet; excellent choice of TV shows and films at seat though need to bring own headphones to avoid payment" ", Pros: "I did enjoy all aspects crew, food ," This was a nightmare! ", Pros: "clean" Cons: "Take off was delayed for six hours and Iberia's representative in Madrid told me me missing my train to Valencia is not their problem and Iberia will not reimburse me for the train nor the Iberia flight I had to take to get to Valencia. ", Pros: "Everything was fine (food, drink options, etc.)" ", Cons: "A sleeping baby strapped to the body and a seatbelt around both Wasn enough we had to wake the baby up and strap separate ? Lots of dirt, tired seats, yucky bathrooms, etc. On average you can expect to pay $717 for a flight from Miami to Morocco. ", Cons: "Flight was delayed by 4.5 hours. ", Pros: "Pillows, blankets and earphones waiting on the seat and it was a lovely crew. Cons: "I don't think anyone could say they didn't like something about the flight or service. Luckily there were no issues with getting it back. Flights from Morocco to Miami (MIA) Home. Cons: "Incomodos los asientos para un vuelo trasatlántico", Pros: "Check in process was fast and easy!" Prices and availability are subject to change. Non-stop flights from Miami, Florida to Casablanca, Morocco: We couldn't find any nonstop flights to Casablanca, Morocco directly from Miami, Florida. Morocco to Miami.
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