The vaunted Southern Pacific name carries a complex history although its immediate heritage can be traced back to the Transcontinental Railroad's completion. Valentine Flatonia in 2000. Circa 1916, the H&TC, then owned by Southern Pacific Railroad Co., built this depot. Flatonia, Glidden, Eagle Lake, Tower 17 in Rosenberg, Eureka, Houston Detailed map of the southern United States showing drainage, cities and towns, and the railroad network. Map, Texas & Pacific Railway & connections. The Texas and Pacific Railroad Company established the primary artery of the Texan rail network which bisected the heart of the state, and in the 1880s the TPRC introduced a perpendicular rail line in the east. Map of the state of Texas showing the line and lands of the Texas and Pacific Railway reserved and donated by the State of Texas, 1873. You are in the CarrTracks website Picture Gallery. The restored 1927 Southern Pacific depot, currently housing the Edinburg Chamber of Commerce, features memorabilia and photos encapsulating early railroad history. & … By 1900, the Southern Pacific system was a major railroad system incorporating many smaller companies, such as the Texas and New Orleans Railroad and Morgan's Louisiana and Texas Railroad. The railroad added signals from Ysleta to Grayton in 1924, Osman upgraded 43 older sidings during the project. Forming The Modern Southern Pacific. The first CTC segment outside a major terminal was from Paisano to Alpine in 1930. Shumla The next segment of CTC installation was from El Paso to Sierra Blanca. Country of Origin: United States. At the time, the line had four Santa Fe passenger, 1908 American Lumberman Illustration Map: Texas Southern Ry. Lafayette. completed in 1974. Houston to Seguin 173 miles. 1954 USGS Topographic Map: Texas South-Eastern R.R. After retirement from service on the SP in 1958, the locomotive was operated at the Heber Valley Railroad, moved to Texas and restored for a brief period of operation in New Orleans. (see scans) MAP WAS PRINTED IN 1925 AS A PART OF THE HOME STUDY COURSE OFFERED BY LASALLE UNIVERSITY. Here are some suggestions for what to do next. west of El Paso and the SP granted the Texas and Pacific next day Huntington and Gould met in New York and signed an Map is from Annual Report of the Directors of the Texas and Pacific Railway Co. to the Stockholders, for the fiscal year ending December 31st, 1898. UP installed CTC Eagle Lake to Dallas and Austin. Lake Charles, Jennings, Midland, Crowley, Rayne, Lafayette, Baldwin, Follow the links below to find similar items on the Portal. Star of the Republic Museum Objects cost $6.25 and it cost $1.50 to set a pole. Kingsbury Victoria. map This map is part of the following collection of related materials. The T&P had a significant foothold in Texas by the mid-1880s. accessed December 5, 2020), Apr 29, 2015 - Photograph of Southern Pacific Railroad semaphore signals at Rice, Texas More information Extra 8654 East is at the south end of Rice siding early in the morning of December 15, 1977. The O'Connor–Proctor Building on N. Main in Victoria, Texas was built in 1895 at cost of $7,721. Bayou & Colorado Railroad began building west from Houston Shows relief by hachures, drainages, cities and towns, counties, railroads, and the land grant. Settlers were attracted to nearby communities because the railroads provided access to markets. It reached San Antonio in February Menu & Reservations Make Reservations . The poles were set 40 to the mile. "Section from Southern Pacific Co. Map", It was the first railroad to connect Los Angeles to the rest of California and its lines extended as far as New Orleans. High quality photograph of Southern Pacific Railroad EMD GP9 # SP 5646 at San Antonio, Texas, USA. When the Southern Pacific crossed the Colorado River to Yuma in September 1877, the Texas and Pacific was still bogged down at Fort Worth. Contains a large map of most of the United States, showing with bold lines Southern Pacific Routes throughout the American Southwest and West, as well as affiliated routes in the East. Email. Brenham became a regional distribution center, and its population grew dramatically. a digital repository hosted by the collections, new partnerships, information on research, trivia, Helpful links in machine-readable formats. Harwood Work 25, 1881 while the T&P was just ten miles to the east. The Buffalo Longfellow Mermentau Bridge Lake Charles The Act of Congress incorporating the Texas Pacific Railroad (later Texas and Pacific) authorized the Southern Pacific to connect with that company at Fort Yuma, Arizona Territory. The stations received 6 signals each image file The Portal to Texas History, Sierra Blanca At the time a pole (Tex.) The first segment bewteen Flatonia and Kirby (San Antonio) 82 miles was completed in 1973. Creation Date: Unknown. the Galveston, Harrisburg, & San Antonio and began building (Tex.) Dunlay CTC was installed in short segments near major terminals in the 40s available in multiple sizes, descriptive and downloadable metadata available in other formats, /ark:/67531/metapth31638/metadata.untl.xml, /oai/?verb=GetRecord&metadataPrefix=oai_dc&identifier=info:ark/67531/metapth31638, /ark:/67531/metapth31638/metadata.mets.xml, /stats/stats.json?ark=ark:/67531/metapth31638, The T&P never reached San Diego; instead it met the Southern Pacific at Sierra Blanca, Texas, in 1881.. Construction difficulties delayed westward progress, until American financier Jay Gould acquired an interest in the railroad in 1879. In 1885, the Southern Pacific leased the Central Pacific Railroad until eventually merging with it in 1959. Map of Southern Pacific railroad routes through southeast Texas and Louisiana. The rail lines were digitized using aerial photography at a 1:12,000 scale. Order Online Tickets ... You can customize the map before you print! Genre/Form: Maps: Document Type: Map: All Authors / Contributors: Southern Pacific Company. Feodora Industrial Sites Rail Maps of the U.S. Union Pacific Railroad Map. The T&NO was absorbed into the SP in 1961. Southern Pacific Railroad of Mexico. The Buffalo Bayou & Colorado Railroad began building west from Houston before the Civil War. Map shows railroad connections throughout Texas, north to St. Louis, Missouri, and west to Pueblo, Colorado. The Co., field sheets, account 37 - motor cars, Southern Pacific Lines in Texas & Louisiana, Texas - Midland Railroad Account 45 - power plant machinery field sheets, Morgans Louisiana & Texas RR & SS Co., accounts 32 - … In 1923, the GH&SA ordered 45 Southern Pacific Sunset Route in Texas and Louisiana. Colton's railroad map of part of the United States south of the 37th parallel embracing the country between the Atlantic Ocean and the 96th meridian of longitude. Photo: Tony Kent, CC BY-SA 2.0. Valentine Subdivision. We've been unable to identify the creator(s) of this map. Various railroads, account 44 : Texas & New Orleans R.R. Sign up for our periodic e-mail newsletter, and get news about our University of North Texas Libraries, The Portal to Texas History,; Established: 1865. Morgan City, Schriever, Raceland Junction, and Avondale Yard in New Orleans. Successor: Union Pacific. In the early 1860s, local residents built a county rail line to connect to the Houston & Texas Central Railway, which bought the line in 1869. What responsibilities do I have when using this map? Crowley. The SP The SP under Huntington reached Sierra Blanca on November Rosenberg After the war it was reorganized as Emerson 1936 Texas Highway Department County Map: Texas Short Line Ry. awards, and more. When completed in 1927 there were 1,190 miles of automatic block signals from New Orleans to El Paso. Locale: Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Illinois. The Southern Pacific Railroad was founded in 1865 and was purchased in 1869 by Collis Huntington, Leland Stanford, Charles Crocker and Mark Hopkins, better known as the Big Four. each in 1924. Creator: Unknown. Altuda 1892. Signals across the TxDOT maintains and publishes the state railroad map annually with Geographical Information System data. Welsh Reviews (956) 721-3239. Uvalde, Sabinal, Hondo, Lacoste, San Antonio, Seguin, Luling, Harwood, Get directions, reviews and information for Union Pacific Railroad in Laredo, TX. University of North Texas Libraries, The Portal to Texas History, Business, Economics and Finance - Transportation - Railroads, Landscape and Nature - Geography and Maps, Landscape and Nature - Water - Gulf of Mexico, 1 trackage rights between Sierra Blanca and El Paso. began on the second segment between Withers to Alpine Junction 380 miles in late 1973 and was Union Pacific Railroad 2115 Farragut St Laredo TX 78040. and 50s and were generally controlled from nearby train order stations or before the Civil War. Defunct: September 11, 1996. the GH&SA in a race to cut off Jay Gould's Texas & Pacific. Lasca The Southern Pacific built east from Los Angeles reaching Yuma in September 1877, Casa Grande in May 1879, Tucson in March 1880, and El Paso in May 1881. The true southern route to and from California is via El Paso and the Texas Pacific Railway. Roanoke Union Pacific is the largest railroad in North America, covering 23 states across the western two-thirds of the United States Register to access Secure Tools, Applications and … to Sanderson, Cline to Hacienda, Grayton to Sierra Blanca in 1925, Cline to Del of the block signal wires for lightening protection. Alpine Dryden K-12 lesson plans, tools, and other help for history teachers. interlocking towers. A separate pole line was used for signal operations. In 1909, there were crediting Star of the Republic Museum. Unique identifying numbers for this map in the Portal or other systems. The T&P helped pay for part of that project. Headquarters: San Francisco California, United States. Lake Charles to Sabine River 31 miles, Echo to Englewood 103 miles, UNT's history and scholarship, library special collections, plus a large collection of U.S. government documents. History. The third segment from Paisano to Sierra Blanca 117 miles was completed in November 1974. The last reaching Yuma in September 1877, Casa Grande in May 1879, Artifacts include switch locks, a conductor’s cap and the gold-colored spike used during the … searchliight signals. Cause of Demise: Sold to the Union Pacific. Luling Founded in 1865 by a group of businessmen in San Francisco, the Southern Pacific was created as a rail line from San Francisco to San Diego. Rio Grande. San Antonio is an Amtrak railroad station located on the eastern portion of Downtown San Antonio, in San Antonio, Texas. Houston stretched across about five miles. The next segment was Harrisburg to Rosenburg 34 miles in 1953. San Antonio station is situated 540 feet south of Southern Pacific Railroad Passenger Station. We've created an endowment to improve everyone's access to primary sources online. The lightening wire runs to ground every fourth pole. Alpine, Toronto, Paisano, and Marfa. A special grounding wire is set above the crossbar carrying all ; Texas and New Orleans Railroad Company. Map of Southern Pacific railroad routes through southeast Texas and Louisiana Physical Description Width: 24.6 cm x Height: 17 cm For partners and peer institutions seeking information about standards, project requests, and our services. Date Unknown; UNT Libraries. to Location Map Photo Location Electric Repair Choo Choo Train Railroad Photography Rolling Stock Diesel Locomotive Train Car Model Trains Contributor: G.W. CTC from Sierra Blanca, TX to Flatonia 590 miles on San Antonio Div. Oklahoma is shown divided into Oklahoma and Indian Ter[ritory]. Located in Washington-on-the-Brazos State Historic Site, the Museum's mission is to collect and preserve material culture of the Texas Republic. western end of Sunset Route came in little chunks. west again in 1870. Sanderson ( Paisano (Tex.) agreement whereby the Texas and Pacific agreed not to build you are bidding on an 8" x 15" original 93 year old system map of the southern pacific railroad company in texas, new mexico, arizona, california, nevada oregon & washington. continued building east out of El Paso under the charter of Texas and Pacific Railway, 1903 View larger, zoomable image (turn off pop-up blocker) Full Title: Map of the Texas & Pacific Railway and connections. 1937 Rand-McNally Commercial Atlas: Texas Short Line Ry. Southern Pacific Railroad, one of the great American railroad systems, established in 1861 by the “big four” of western railroad building— Collis P. Huntington, Leland Stanford, Mark Hopkins, and Charles Crocker.After completing the Central Pacific from California to Utah in 1869, they started the Southern Pacific as a branch line into southern California. Tower 87 in Englewood Yard, Dayton, Devers, Beaumont, Orange, Echo, See how the railroad winds throughout the West in this map … US&S electric interlockers were also installed in early 1930 at Sanderson and Sierra Blanca. was provided by the Star of the Republic Museum Orleans in 1927. The work began at Flatonia and worked west. Pecos River bridge on a portion of line abandoned during Hondo The original Southern Pacific, Southern Pacific Railroad, was founded as a land holding company in 1865, later acquiring in 1885 the Central Pacific Railroad through leasing. Union Pacific Map. From the Washington-on-the-Brazos State Historic Site, these items (dating from 1700s-1800s) include furniture, clothing, buttons, farm implements, china, trade tokens, arrowheads, cooking utensils, and looms. In December 1881 the Texas and Pacific Railway linked to the Southern Pacific Railroad in Sierra Blanca, Texas to create the third transcontinental railroad line in the United States by connecting St. Louis (via Texarkana) to Los Angeles. Contributor: G.W. In 1973 and 1974 SP invested $22 million to added Anacacho Dates and time periods associated with this map. Rio, Osman to Langtry, and Longfellow to Marfa in 1926, and Marfa to Hot Wells spike on the Sunset Route in Texas was driven on January 12, It extended from New Orleans through Texas to El Paso, Texas, across New Mexico and through Tucson, to Los Angeles, through most of California, including Home | SP Map. Knippa For reference, I've added a timetable for the Tucson. Union Pacific operates along much of the original Transcontinental Railroad route between Sacramento, Calif., and Omaha, Neb., but it's routes also connect every state from the Mississippi River to the Pacific Ocean. Photo: Renelibrary, CC BY-SA 4.0. The Missouri Pacific Railroad had entered this area in 1905, and on May 11, 1925, the Interstate Commerce Commission granted permission for the Southern Pacific to acquire the San Antonio and Aransas Pass Railway, which held a charter into the Valley. There were train order stations at El Paso, Sierra Blanca, Valentine, The Southern Pacific built east from Los Angeles The CTC machine was in San Antonio. The GH&SA came under SP control in 1885 and was absorbed into the Texas & New San Antonio. By 1883, the line extended all the way to New Orleans. 1883 about three and a half miles southwest of the present map, US&S lower quadrant semaphore signals for station protection at the following More information about this map can be viewed below. The semaphore signals were replaced with Historic newspapers digitized from across the Red River. SP added CTC between Rosenberg and Eagle Lake in 1994. Odlaw stations located between San Antonio and El Paso: Uvalde, Noonan, Sabinal, Texas and Pacific route shown in orange color. This Tucson in March 1880, and El Paso in May 1881. O'Connor–Proctor Building is situated 4200 feet northeast of Southern Pacific Railroad Guadalupe Bridge. Your support aids students of all ages, rural communities, as well as independent and professional researchers. four SP passenger, four freight trains, and two locals per day. The Railroad Map is TxDOT's railroad dataset, which is used for mapping and transportation planning purposes. Jennings Marfa, Alpine, Marathon, Sanderson, Dryden, Langtry, Del Rio, Spofford, in 1927. and Descriptive information to help identify this map. The work was completed in 1960 after installing 19 power switches and 92 signals. & C. Colton & Co. - Texas & Pacific Railway Date: 1873 This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License. 1906 Official Guide of Railways (timetable and map) Texas Southern Ry. is part of the collection entitled: It added 19 new sidings and Langtry Midland In 1995, Ed accepted the position as Train Master at the Virginia Southern Railroad in Keysville, Virginia, for RailTex. 1877, then in May 1881 built west to meet the SP. Houston. signals Avondale to Morgan Ciity 68 miles, Lafayette to Lake Charles 72 miles, (Tex.) It has been viewed 669 times, with 21 in the last month. Spofford and Macdona also received 6 signals Corrigan People and organizations associated with either the creation of this map or its content. East Bernard
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