Disdainful Stroke is one of the cards that we will wish for most often, and sometimes Shadowspear + Domri’s Ambush can be a way to answer their scary Dream Trawler. The Great Henge can be a scary card to fight through, so the best way to stop it is to not let it get cast in the first place! Temur Adventures. This deck has always been considered a tier 2 deck, even if it has had great stories of unexpected success, from Aaron Gertler aka littlebeep winning the DreamHack Open to the MagicFest Online Finals victory by Jason Fleurant. Its Engine Cards are Difficult to Interact with Directly. Diving into ladder today with a top Standard deck - Temur Adventures. 1 Temur Adventures 1 Temur Reclamation Since the release of Theros Beyond Death, Azorius Control has become the clear deck to beat, with Paulo Vitor Damo Da Rosa taking down World Championship XXVI with it, and a whopping eight copies making the Top 16 in this event. Never ever attack with Innkeeper if they have mana open, as a Spectral Sailor or Nightpack Ambusher could… well, ambush you! Bring along our adventure friendly otter plushies to help guide you. I digress, as per usual, I like to play the list as is to get a feel for it. The hybrid between a midrange deck and a ramp deck gave the list flexibility and late game power which I’m a huge fan of. Updated December 12, 2019. If you cut Genesis Ultimatum then you really only have Terror of the Peaks and The Great Henge as a strong top end which seems like too few threats. I wouldn’t go nuts holding a Dispute open every turn over developing your game plan, but know when to pick your spots to develop and when to hold. Keep in mind that a lot of Standard’s best decks are attrition-based so Lotus Cobra comes out really often. 4 Mystical Dispute: You’re definitely on the clunkier side, so counterspells can be very scary for your deck if you’re trying to resolve a big spell. I could still see cutting these completely, but I think 2 is a solid number for now. Gaby Spartz 2,922 views. Fling. By Nick Miller. One, Genesis Ultimatum could be surprisingly underpowered considering a lot of your hits are ok creatures and lands. Let’s take a look and talk about card choices. 'Temur Adventures' - constructed deck list and prices for the Magic: The Gathering Trading Card Game from TCGplayer Infinite! He has one GP Top 8, has 3-0d 3 professional draft pods, and loves writing and teaching! Back when Bant was the most popular deck I loved to have the claim the firstborn/fling combo in the side, because it is such a great answer to Uro and Krasis, giving wins out of nowhere. Have a great day! Besides Dream Trawler, they don’t have much going for them and need to counter far too many things; they won’t keep up with our card advantage, not even with Yorion. Lucky Clover can lead to some insanely good starts when paired with Fertile Footsteps, giving you access to insane amounts of mana in the mid game and letting you cast Escape to the Wilds or Granted to convert your tempo advantage in card advantage, or just for an unexpected win with a Fling from the sideboard + the Beanstalk Giant half. Since we will almost always be fetching for Grafdigger’s Cage, we like to board in a bunch of removal spells from the sideboard. It’s very rare to win with just attacking; we win with card advantage and by answering their important threats. I have also seen Pulse of Murasa and Planewide Celebration played, though I’ve never personally liked these cards as I think they are too slow. The first challenge of the deck comes with the initial hand. Dispute helps you to force through your big spells or counter any important Blue spells from your opponent like an opposing Genesis Ultimatum or Into the Story. Pick up your supplies before heading out on your next adventure. If you like my content and want to see more of it, you can check me out on Twitch! Facebook 0 Tweet 0. 2 Glasspool Mimic: The original list had one Glasspool Mimic and one Spikefield Hazard, but I think Glasspool Mimic is far superior. If you want to know how much mana you have, you can look at the power of, There are often many many options and it’s a very common mistake to miss lethal when you are choosing which value card to grab with Granted. If you want to see some gameplay, follow me on www.twitch.tv/loxodont. Event: MTGO Standard Challenge. Not approved/endorsed by Wizards. I’m here with a spicy number cooked up by HowlingMines that got them to Rank #128!Furthermore, I saw Kushiro come second place in the CFB Pro Showdown with an iteration of this deck as well that played 64 cards main deck (not something I … Well, one of the main reasons is that the deck needs a lot of practice, as it is probably the most versatile deck in term of choices. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Initially I wanted to cut all of the Borrowers, but realized that it gives you more turn 2 plays, an important part of the curve where the deck is sorely lacking. With Fae of Wishes, grabbing mass manipulation is often enough to win because they start to play scared and can’t play many planeswalkers at the same time, so they lose all their tempo while you are free to gain card and tempo advantage and eventually win. Temur Adventure - a NeverEnding Story delves into the world of Standard off-metagame decks I made Day 2 with at the Red Bull Untapped tournament. The loss of Aether Gust hurts the ability to fight opposing Uros. Claim could also function as a 1-mana counter to Nissa, killing her the turn she came out by stealing their land, and switching completely the board to your side. If speed is what you need, keep it in and board out some of the clunkier cards. Temur Adventures is a blue, red and green midrange deck that is built around the Adventure mechanic from Throne of Eldraine. You thought banning Lucky Clover would stop Temur Adventures from existing? 48:55. You will get the rare scenario where Ultimatum translates as play 3 lands and draw 2 cards, but the average Genesis Ultimatum will likely put you so far ahead that your opponent will struggle to win from there. Decklist: Temur Adventures Updated: October 26, 2020 by A. Mlakar Temur Adventures are still holding strong even after three sets, that didn’t bring much new to it. Official The Adventurers Store by That YouTub3 Family. The Sideboard Ugin, the Spirit Dragon. UNBELIEVABLE. Standard. Temur Rec lines up pretty well against Mono-Black as long as you always keep two threats in mind- Rotting Regisaur and Demonic Embrace. This is what I would play if I had a tournament tomorrow, but it might change based on the actual metagame: The list I suggested is to be as open as possible, expecting Nissa decks to be dominant again. The nice part about this list over Temur Ramp, similar to Gruul, what was once a terrible matchup is actually very reasonable now with this iteration of the list. It can also do a fair job against mono white which people seem to like as an off speed grind in bof1. Against an aggressive deck, like Mono Red, you want to stall the game with premium blockers like Fae of Wishes and Lovestruck Beast, and try to sneak some attacks in when you can so you can eventually close out the game. Blue is way more important in the deck as Genesis Ultimatum and Brazen Borrower demand multiple Blue sources, and the spell half is generally way higher impact. In - 2x Oakame Adversary 2x Voracious Hydra We have the supplies you need from shirts, hoodies, hats, backpacks and stickers. 391.09 tix 8 Mythic, 24 Rare, 17 Uncommon, 6 Common. As much as I’ve loved playing this deck (been my go-to since Ikoria released), I just don’t feel it’s well suited for the post-ban meta… at least not in BO1. Going into this past weekend I didn't have a sideboard guide, and it's best to use these as guidelines, rather than always following them. Generally though, unlike Temur Ramp which struggles with Gruul, you should have a reasonable matchup against it as they need to kill you quickly and not all of their draws always allow them to do so. Nissa occupies the same space on the curve as Escape to the Wilds. Furthermore, with a heavier emphasis on Blue compared to the first list, casting it is a lot more reasonable than it was before. I’m not going to leave you in the dark though, let’s break each card down. So here is a list of best practices for targeting: Overall, I expect Temur Clover to be a very reasonable choice post-ban, and will definitely give it a try in the last chance qualifiers for the PT. Mostly used as The Great Henge insurance, it also functions well to blow up Embercleave, Anax, and Stonecoil Serpent as well.